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Next Trend AW 2025-26 Seminars

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Back in co-operation with our colleagues ColourHouse, who will stream online with an exciting lineup of speakers. Welcome to a fresh Autumn / Winter 2025-26 season full of inspiration!

The keynote speakers from global forecasters are exploring the season and to inspire: View Publications (NL), d.Cipherfm (UK), A+A Design Studio (IT) and FashionSnoops (US). Additionally you can watch the 30 minute panel discussion where all the presenters discuss on "The Role of Design in the future".

Approximately 6 hours of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion, accessories, beauty, interior and industrial design industries.

STREAMING ONLINE On-Demand the entire day for 24 hours (view at your convenience)




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  • Online - All six broadcasting dates
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NEXT TREND brings trend forecasting agencies and their clients together from around the world to see what's coming next. All presentations are in English. The online stream is a recording of the presentations and the ticket allows you to watch on-demand from midnight to midnight on each of the streaming dates. This time we have 6 dates in total.

Please note that the ticket is strictly personal - take a look at the ticket policy tab before buying your ticket. We have affordable team tickets available for up to 100 attendees, contact us for more information.


The Next Trend day is curated with an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers who give their different points of view on the future in macro trends, range plans, colours, concepts, key items, and why. As an attendee and viewer, you are given an excellent chance to filter into your perspective, your brand and its needs.

David R Shah, View Publications / Amsterdam: Unknown Territory | The Two-Body Problem


In Cixin Liu’s famous trilogy, now a Netflix Top Ten series, the technologically advanced Trisolaran civilisation faces the impending destruction of its home planet due to the erratic orbit of its three suns leading it to search out and plan Earth’s conquest.

We don’t have a three-body problem; we have a two-body problem: war and peace; nationalistic and global; rich and poor; less and more; perfect and chaotic; clean and glamorous; aggressive and sweet; energetic and lazy; fast and slow; young and old; carbon and alternative; Anthropocene and symbiotic; artificial and human; past and present.

David R Shah, View Publications, charts a path through these two opposing and massive gravitational pulls for designers and brands into unknown territory that invites us “to reflect on our place in the universe and the impact of our choices, urging us to forge a path that is both mindful of our environment and true to our humanity.”

- David will deliver a presentation out of the ordinary for those who have never heard him speak or seen him act on a stage - congratulations, you will not regret participating in the Next Trend Event aw2025-26!

Christine Foden, D.CHIPHER FM: Key colour, style and why-aspects of aw2025-26.


Christine Foden is known for her colour excellence related to design concepts that tap into shifting lifestyles that affect the visualization of how style and appearance become stories that bring design a new boost. Colours and colour combinations in proportions are the strong arguments why clients in all kinds of design industries love D.cipherfm forecasting and presentations!

Alejandro Espinosa Caballero and Simona Soldaini,  A+A Design Studio/Milan: AWAKENING 2026


Creative Director Alejandro Espinosa Caballero and Simona Soldaini, Global Sales & Marketing, presenting: 

The fashion industry embraces a new awakening and an ever-evolving array of new looks, influenced by various factors such as the acceleration of technology, an uncertain future, the impact of climate change, and new habits and lifestyles. Changes in economic factors have also swayed consumer preferences in different directions. They are more empowered to choose products that resonate with their values. There is still a desire for high-end goods and quiet luxury products, where minimalism rules, while maximalism is creeping in again together with injections of fun and frivolous details.  We are seeing a new take on sensuality with a strong interest in seduction,  freedom and openness to display the body with a certain fetish passion.

The importance of rest, sleeping cycle, and self-care in creating balance within our hectic lives forces consumers to be more mindful, taking action on what is best for the body, mind, and soul.  Introspection, spirituality, and a visionary journey towards a collective consciousness are awakening the senses as part of our process of evolution.   For aw2025-26 (26.1), we explore new parameters of a more modern aesthetic driven by the need for personalization, sustainability, awareness, self-care and higher consciousness.

Robbie Sinclair,  FS Fashionsnoops.com | Design with purpose - joy - emotion 


Meet the FS Youth Director, Robbie Sinclair, who unpacks how we track youth-driven product shifts that are about to impact the market.

In order to sell the best-selling product, we must understand how consumers feel. As we dive into three of our four FW 25/26 Design Aesthetics, we unpack emotional dressing, empower the self, and harness meaningful design through Essentialism in the wake of declining colour and purposeful products. We also unleash joy through Indulgence and tap into folkloric traditions to inspire a creative future.  


Due to limited amount of seats the bookings are binding and personal. In case you are unable to attend, the ticket can be transferred to another person but no refunds are made once ticket has been invoiced. 

In case the event is cancelled by the organizers (Oy Urban View Ltd or ColourHouse AB) the tickets will be fully refunded.

Next Trend AW 2025-26 Seminars