Urban View 2025 Trendiluento Online

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Please note, that this online presentation is only available in Finnish (more info when you change the site language into Finnish). If you wish to book a customized  presentation for your company in English - no problem, just contact us for options.

Tickets via email: info@urbanview.net


Companies that have attended our previous events:

Aarikka, Alko, Avidly, Balmuir, Basic Fashion, Berner, Dermosil, Familon, Finlayson, Fiskars / Iittala, Habitare / Suomen Messut, Halti, Huhtamäki, Hurtta, Ibero, Intersport, Kalevala Koru, K-Citymarket, L-Fashion Group, Lindström, Lundia, Makia Clothing, Marimekko, Marja Kurki, Martela, M.A.S.I Company, Meira, Momentin Group, Nanso, Otavamedia, Paulig, Pentik, Ruokakesko, Sanoma Media, Stockmann, Sultrade, Suunto,  Tammer Brands, Tokmanni, Touchpoint, Yleisradio.

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