Next Trend SS 2025 Seminars

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Back in co-operation with our colleagues ColourHouse, who will stream online with an exciting lineup of speakers. Welcome to a fresh Spring / Summer 2025 season full of inspiration!

The keynote speakers from global forecasters are exploring the season and to inspire: View Publications (NL), d.Cipherfm (UK), A+A Design Studio (IT) and FashionSnoops (US).

The 1/2 day (approx. 5 hours) of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion, accessories, beauty, interior and industrial design industries.

STREAMING ONLINE On-Demand the entire day for 24 hours (view at your convenience): 17.1.2024

Tickets available

NEXT TREND brings trend forecasting agencies and their clients together from around the world to see what's coming next. All presentations are in English. The online stream is a recording of the presentations and the ticket allows you to watch on-demand from midnight to midnight on each of the streaming dates.

Please note that the ticket is strictly personal - take a look at the ticket policy tab before buying your ticket. We have affordable team tickets available for up to 100 attendees, contact us for more information.


The Next Trend day is curated with an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers who give their different points of view on the future in macro trends, range plans, colours, concepts, key items, and why. As an attendee and viewer, you are given an excellent chance to filter into your perspective, your brand and its needs.

David R Shah, View Publications / Amsterdam: THE ART OF LIFE

David R Shah, publisher, guest professor, speaker: "No one talks about Covid anymore, but the after-effects still linger as we slowly emerge and rebalance."

What we want is:

Life balance | Connection and community | The joy of surprise | Inventiveness and experimentation | Soft futurism | A future informed by the past | A past informed by the future | Memories and new experiences | The escapist and the fantastic | Symbiosis with nature | A future that works for the world | Emotional connection with everything that surrounds us | Design that allows us to express our personalities and priorities | The visual connected with the essential | A connection between outer and inner space

We are moving from:

the superfluous to the intentional | the fixed to the shape shifting and multi-functional | the noisy to the balanced | external expression to internal alignment | from the superficial to the meaningful

"Words, words, words. Haven’t we been here before? Well, this time, it’s different, and consumers are looking to designers to use their creative skills and play their part."  DAVID SHAH unravels a morass of shifting trends to understand what design means in our time.


Christine Foden, Founder, Creative Director. - "Wherever we go, we find new style twists and alternative taste shifts. It struck us halfway through the seasonal research that cocktails have been transformed into inspirational fantasies that make everyday life that little bit better, each taking us on a journey of discovery into the vast diversity of place, time and creativity. As much as the clothes we wear - life’s cocktail culture reflects the Zeitgeist and is possibly even influencing our tastes in the products we buy."

Alejandro Espinosa Caballero and Simona Soldaini,  A+A Design Studio/Milan: FROM CONCEPT TO PRODUCT – balancing Optimism & Pragmatism

Creative Director Alejandro Espinosa Caballero and Simona Soldaini, Global Sales & Marketing, presenting:

”With a world testing our resilience, there is a need for awareness and reassurance. Colours have shifted towards dustier, more toned-down, warmer hues, bringing more neutrality to the season. There is a strong return towards sartorial tradition, safe values, and seemingly timeless classics. A grounding form of elegance and an elevated lifestyle is influencing choices.  We continue to thread the needle through past, present and future while weaving in influences where variety is key.”

Robbie Sinclair,  FS Fashionsnoops.com | FROM CULTURE TO DESIGN –  embracing Sad Romance, Satirical Patriotism and beyond 

Meet the FS Youth Director, Robbie Sinclair, who unpacks how we track youth-driven product shifts that are about to impact the market.

What comes next after uncertainty? How do we move forward in meaningful ways? Our usual tools for making sense of the world and planning for the future are growing more futile in the face of environmental collapse and AI acceleration. That’s why for SS 25, we propose a more nuanced look at trends and cultural shifts: one in which the hyper-synthetic can coexist with the hyper-human, a maximalist embrace of all trends can live alongside a return to timeless essentials, and extreme sincerity is met with an equal amount of subversion.


Note that it it possible to change the person holding the single ticket prior to the first event, but not after that - this is a personal access ticket on a specific device. We do offer a Teams Ticket at the cost of 4200 EUR for up to 100 attendees - lowering the price down to 42 eur + VAT per attendee.

IMPORTANT:The single is a 1 PERSON ACCESS TICKET valid for all dates for the same person and it may not be shared or viewed in teams. Any recording, photographing and distribution of these possible recordings is stricktly forbidden. In case of violation, ColourHouse / Urban View will invoice equivalent cost to Teams access view price 4200 EUR instead. 

Next Trend SS 2025 Seminars