OvN Colour Flow 2025

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The annual colour, material and finishes (CMF) guide of Oltmans van Niekerk. Colour Flow relates directly to the long-term trends that are identified in the annual lifestyle book Vision 2025.

The four directions explore the colours and materials that will be important for 2025. Colour Flow is an annual colour book, that zooms in on colour evolution and seasonless colours. Products must last longer and colours are no longer defined by seasons. All colours are unique, created by hand in the studio of Oltmans van Niekerk.

The four colour and material themes for 2025 are all essentially about making connection, with each approaching from a unique point of view. The products we wear, experience or hold in our hands all tell unique stories of connection. Take the responsibility for connecting and expressing the language of all people, leading the way to creating a better foundation for design in the future.

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ONLINE ACCESS WITH UPDATES - The four updates will be:

  • May 2023: What is Next in the World of Design?
  • July 2023: Health & Wellbeing Directions
  • September 2023: SS Colour Forecast
  • January 2024: Future Directions for Home and Living

Colour Flow showcases the colours, materials and finishes that will be influential in 2025 and beyond. Colour Flow shows how to translate trends into new colours and materials. These are not limited by season or fashion but attempt to analyse colours and materials for a wider and longer term perspective.

The forecast gives a clear idea of the colour directions for 2025 and shows how the colour narratives can merge with each other. 

Colour Flow contains visual and tactile information that is waiting to be adapted to your specific product range. The book offers clear colour and material direction for anyone that is working with future product development. Colour Flow is released once a year and contains inspiring visual information, new material swatches and fabric colour swatches (including a sheet with Pantone reference numbers).

The printed book includes a pdf copy of the book. With Online Access you will have the same contents on a password-protected website that also includes an image bank for downloading the pictures from the publication. Online access includes a CMF box with 40 physical colour and material samples.

Interested in this title and want to see more? Contact us and book your appointment for an online demo or a visit to the Helsinki Showroom, we have a sample. 

OvN Colour Flow 2025


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