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The color standard for plastic. Made from polypropylene, the RAL Plastic system defines a total of 300 colors from the RAL CLASSIC and RAL DESIGN SYSTEM color palettes. The sets contain plastic color samples in A6 format with protective cases, arranged logically according to color groups.

Hold each plastic color sample to the light to discover finely nuanced variations in color depending on the surface texture – glossy, matt, rough, opaque, or transparent. This versatility makes the plastic color samples an indispensable aid for professional color designers.

The RAL P1 set comprises one protective case containing the 100 most popular colors from the RAL CLASSIC collection. Two further cases contain the RAL P2 set featuring 160 opaque and 40 transparent plastic color samples from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus palette.

The RAL plastic samples allow you to experience how light and the material interact, and the effect this has on the overall perception of the color and the final product.

Single plates are available of all the colors individually.

Your selection: P1 RAL CLASSIC
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Polypropylene was chosen as the material for RAL plastic color samples. Its balanced characteristics and excellent value for money make it the material of choice in a host of product applications. In addition to its technical characteristics, polypropylene also offers good results in a variety of manufacturing processes and is compatible with a broad range of pigments.


  • RAL P1 - 100 plastic color plates in a protective case - the most popular colours from the RAL CLASSIC system.
  • RAL P2 - 200 plastic color plates in a protective case - the most popular colours from the RAL DESIGN system. Features 160 opaque colour shades and 40 transparent colors.
  • RAL P1+P2 - combined set of the above, total 300 colours.
  • See the available color numbers in the "ATTACHMENTS" tab.


  • Binding color sample for plastics in selected RAL CLASSIC and RAL DESIGN colors
  • Format 10.5 x 14.8 x 0.3 cm (DIN A6)
  • The polypropylene material assures a variety of applications
  • Three levels of thickness: 0.3 cm, 0.2 cm and 0.1 cm
  • Master batch code designation
  • Three different surface textures: polished high gloss, VDI 24 and VDI 42
  • Includes absolute values and colour distance from original plastic sample
  • With reflectance curve
  • Protective paper sleeve for each plastic plate

Data sheet

Number of Colors
100 RAL Classic & 200 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus
Size of color samples
10,5 cm X 14,8 cm. Three sample thicknesses on one plate: 3 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm



List of RAL Classic colors available in plastic (100 colors).

Download (1.45MB)


List of RAL Design colors available in plastic (200 colors).

Download (1.47MB)

RAL PLASTIC - color plates...


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