PANTONE SkinTone Guide

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Updated in 2023 to include more tones.

The PANTONE® SkinTone™ Guide, the first scientifically based guide for matching and reproducing lifelike skin tones in a variety of industries.

The guide will help take some of the guesswork out of the color correction process by providing a defined system for reaching skin tone color targets, saving time and eliminating costly mistakes. More than 1,000 human skin measurements were collected from participants across a diverse range of ethnicities and age groups.

Based on these measurements, Pantone established an accurate skin color space and created the PANTONE SkinTone Library, which defines the 138 most reproducible colors. 

The SkinTone Guide features 138, 4,5cm x 17cm pages, each dedicated to its own SkinTone shade for more accurate visualization. All pages include a small circular cutout so users can hold the guide over the particular skin sample being matched, easing evaluation and improving accuracy. 

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From print, packaging and healthcare to fashion, cosmetics and toy production, the SkinTone Guide will help companies produce more authentic products in a broader skin tone range.

  • Photography: photo retouching
  • Toys: dolls and action figures
  • Cosmetics: base creation or product matching
  • Cosmetic Sales Channel: great tool for cosmetics channel with independent sales representatives
  • Fashion: underpinnings and foundation garments
  • Medical: starting point for prosthetics matching
  • Graphic Design / Printing / Packaging: collateral & packaging that show realistic skin color


Data sheet

Number of Colors
138 colors
Size of color samples
4,5cm x 17cm

What do the suffixes TPG, TPX, TCX in the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors -color system mean?

TPG/TPX and TCX - suffix simply tells you whether it is a color produced on paper or cotton. 

  • TPG = TEXTILE PAPER GREEN (launched in 2015 with environmentally friendlier pigments)
  • TPX = TEXTILE PAPER, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2003, no longer in production and outdated)

Is there a difference in the Pantone textile system colors between the codes TP and TPG/TPX?

Yes, there are differences between the colour systems. The letter G (=GREEN) at the end tells it is a colour from the latest system, updated in 2015 with new colors added in 2020. The TPG suffix indicates more eco-friendly formulations.

The letter X at the end tells it is a colour from the EXTENDED RANGE system, updated in 2003 and no longer valid or in production.

If you are still using the TP or TPX system, you should update to TPG as quickly as possible.

PANTONE SkinTone Guide