PANTONE Portable Guide Studio

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Access all eight Pantone® Graphics Guides in one sleek, portable carrying case. Now compiled into a comprehensive Portable Guide Studio case, the Pantone® Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set, CMYK Guide, Metallics Guide, and Pastels & Neons Guide are available in one streamlined color guide kit.

Easily browse, share, compare, and reference 8,482 market-relevant colors on the go. Colors include traditional spot colors, spot-to-process colors, four-color process colors, and specialty metallic, pastel, and neon spot colors.

A protective, compact carrying case enables better collaboration with convenient, organized storage and easy access to eight portable fan decks. With the Pantone Portable Guide Studio, graphic, print, and digital designers can easily collaborate and get inspired from anywhere for logo and branding projects, marketing materials, digital design work, animation, and more.

This is a "click and collect" product which you can pick up from the Helsinki showroom and avoid shipping costs. However, please note that the showroom is open by appointment only.

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This eight-guide set includes Solid Color FORMULA GUIDES for accurate solid color specifying and matching; COLOR BRIDGE Guides to determine how a PANTONE Color will appear when reproduced in CMYK or to create optimal display of PANTONE Colors on monitors and Web pages; CMYK Guides for working in 4-color process print; the PANTONE METALLICS Guide; and the PASTELS & NEONS guide, with a range of soothing pastels and eye-popping neons colors. This set contains everything you need to select, specify and match solid and process colors – and to gain a creative edge with market-proven specialty colors.

Package includes:

  • PANTONE Formula Guide Solid Coated
  • PANTONE Formula Guide Solid Uncoated
  • PANTONE Color Bridge Coated
  • PANTONE Color Bridge Uncoated
  • PANTONE CMYK Uncoated
  • PANTONE Pastels & Neons Coated & Uncoated
  • PANTONE Metallics Guide


PANTONE Portable Guide Studio


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