PANTONE Solid Color Set

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Reference, share and compare the gamut of Pantone Spot colors with the Pantone Solid Color Set.

The set includes Pantone Formula Guide and Solid Chips Books in one bundle. The Formula Guide provides a versatile, end-to-end color matching tool printed on coated and uncoated fan decks, featuring 2390 market-driven spot colors in the Pantone Graphics System - including 224 brand new graphics colors added in the beginning of year 2023.

The Solid Chips Books offer a desktop reference with perforated solid chips; built-in individual storage for organizing loose color chips and removable, ring-bound pages, all printed on coated and uncoated paper stock.

This shareable, versatile color reference is ideal for palette building, sharing with teams, approvals, color inspiration, color communication and quality control.

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  • Includes Formula Guide (two portable, handheld fan decks) and Solid Chips Books (two three-ring binders)
  • Chips Books include all current Pantone Spot colors as perforated, removable paper chips with three-sided color bleed, most ideal when evaluating color
  • Comes with Paper Chip Savers for easy organization and storage of loose chips

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PANTONE Solid Color Set