PANTONE FHI Large Paper Swatch

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Designed to illustrate the appearance of color on product, TPG Paper Swathes are available for all 2625 of the Fashion, Home + Interiors colors as full 21cm x 28cm sheets of lacquer coating on paper. Each sheet includes a printed grid on the back for chipping with corresponding color name and number.

TPG Sheets give product designers and product partners versatile color representation for communication, specification, and evaluation for hard home, ceramics, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather applications. 

TPG Sheets can be ordered by e-mail: pantone@urbanview.net - please state the color numbers, quantity (minimum quantity 5 pcs, can be different colors and combined with any Pantone Swatch Cards or Replacement pages)  and delivery/invoice addresses.

Shipping costs of € 20,00 + VAT per order is added (applies for all delivery countries).

Delivery time varies on the current stock - usually 1-2 weeks.

Orders by e-mail: pantone@urbanview.net

PLEASE NOTE: Before sending your order please check that all the color codes are correct. The products are shipped from a central warehouse in Germany, and Pantone sends all available colors as soon as the order is through. We will contact the client if there are color numbers that don't exist, but the corrections will be shipped as a separate parcel and will be subject to another shipping charge. 

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21,6 cm
28 cm

What do the suffixes TPG, TPX, TCX in the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors -color system mean?

TPG/TPX and TCX - suffix simply tells you whether it is a color produced on paper or cotton. 

  • TPG = TEXTILE PAPER GREEN (launched in 2015 with environmentally friendlier pigments)
  • TPX = TEXTILE PAPER, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2003, no longer in production and outdated)

Is there a difference in the Pantone textile system colors between the codes TP and TPG/TPX?

Yes, there are differences between the colour systems. The letter G (=GREEN) at the end tells it is a colour from the latest system, updated in 2015 with new colors added in 2020. The TPG suffix indicates more eco-friendly formulations.

The letter X at the end tells it is a colour from the EXTENDED RANGE system, updated in 2003 and no longer valid or in production.

If you are still using the TP or TPX system, you should update to TPG as quickly as possible.

PANTONE FHI Large Paper Swatch