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Trend forecast Vision 2025 interprets the changes in society and shows how these will influence the preferences and values of people. Vision 2025 is a fundament for new products and services and an inspirational document full of research, mindsets, ideas, concepts and colours.

A clear and well-organized overview of the worldwide cultural, technological, economic and social trends, an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who’s involved in long term product development, strategy, marketing and advertising.

Available as a combination of printed book + pdf or as an online service that includes 4 updates (see details in full product description). The online version also includes an image bank so you can pick images for your internal presentations easily. Online customers will also receive a CMF box with innovative material samples plus Pantone-coded colour samples in paper and cotton. These are also included with the printed book.

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Vision 2025 offers the four main drivers of change for 2025: The Global Race for the Future (Sustainability) / Pathways for Progress (Social & Cultural) / Supercharging (Technology) / Life as it is (Human & Wellbeing).

Annual release, available as a hard cover book including pdf e-book or as an online service that includes 4 updates per year plus an extensive image bank. Vision 2025 updates are: Drivers of Global Change: Asia Pacific (June), Youth Culture (August), Future of Retail (October) and Storytelling & Community Building (December). 

Includes key future material and colour swatches (textile and paper) with closest Pantone references.

In a world overloaded with impressions and products, Vision 2025 provides new guidelines for design creativity based upon human values. Vision 2025 identifies what is currently happening in the world and shows how it will affect people’s thoughts and values and the kinds of products needed in the future. 

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OvN Vision 2025


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