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The move to a well-being lifestyle, demanding a more comfortable and versatile wardrobe, has only accelerated the growth of the casual and athleisure markets. Indeed, the divisions between traditional categories such as sports, casual, career, formal, day and evening wear are all falling away. But as hybridization grows and product lines blur, the demands on design are multiplying as end-uses become increasingly multi-faceted and technical performance needs to be balanced by eco-consciousness. 

Trendhouse by VIEW Publications is here to help you navigate this increasingly complex but exciting market and stay on top of its high-speed, ever-changing scenario.

This casual and athleisure forecast is a pragmatic tool that is logical, easy to use and gives a clear and complete overview of what’s important for the coming seasons in product and merchandising development.

Please be noted, the images of this product are to reference the style of this title and may not be from the latest season.

Season: AW 2025-26
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This title is available as a combination of printed book (incl. color swatches) + digital contents or 100% digital.

Themes in the forecast are carefully curated and presented with thorough research and tools for the customer to adapt:

1. The bigger picture: the reason why! This is where we provide the background and zeitgeist to our trends. These pages delineate the key, lifestyle factors that are beginning to appear now and will impact the casual and athleisure market in 18 months’ time.

2. Setting the scene: we provide the background to each story from the end-user point-of-view – who’s it for, what they like and why they will buy it.

3. The influences: we look at parallel concepts from all sectors of industry that will influence and inform our approach to the concept.

4. Making: an important addition to the book where we lay out new technological and sustainable approaches in manufacturing that could influence the way concepts are realized and produced.

5. Inspiration: a visual essay to set the mood and delineate the look and feeling of your end-product.

6. Colour & design guide: original colour palettes and colour combinations on which to base and merchandise garment, trim, footwear, and accessory selection.

7. Look + feel: the apparel design breakdown. “He She They” and “She He They” garment concepts that should inspire your collections with related trims to perfect your look.

8. Footwear + Accessories: the footwear, bags, hats, hosiery, scarves, and extras that not only complete the look but sell in their own right.

9. Design concepts: our final breakdown where we distil all our ideas into a final edit with original artwork and essential cads for you to download and edit further.


Trendhouse Casualwear &...


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