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Oltmans van Niekerk was founded in 2005, and their main activity is customised future research. Their goal is to understand current world trends and issues and to translate these into themes that present a clear sense of direction to those involved in product design. OvN creates two trend forecasts per year; VISION focusses on future consumer insight and COLOUR FLOW contains colour and material directions.

Oltmans van Niekerk holds trend or in-house presentations that offer companies the chance to hear the stories behind the latest developments, see the inspirational images and join in open discussions or question rounds. Building on their experience, the studio offers customised consulting to their clients. Projects range from specialised future trend studies to brand strategy and colour studies.

Their clients include Nike USA, Apple, Iittala / Fiskars, Belkin, Frame, Old Navy, Leifheit A. G., Mexx International, Turnover, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Electrolux, Akzo Nobel, Disney, Duty Free Shops and Starbucks.

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OvN Vision 2025

Trend forecast Vision 2025 interprets the changes in society...

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OvN Colour Flow 2025

The annual colour, material and finishes (CMF) guide of...

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