RAL Classic

For almost 100 years RAL shades with their four-digit numbering have been a global standard for modern colour schemes in architecture, design, industry and skilled trades.

The initial 40 colours in the RAL CLASSIC colour collection have increased over the decades to the current 216 shades and it is continually being adapted to the changing requirements of public institutions and private industry.

If you are looking for a wider range of RAL Colors, your choice is RAL DESIGN and/or RAL EFFECT.

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RAL single sheets A4 or A6

All colors from the RAL Classic and RAL Design systems are...

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RAL K6 Box

With the RAL K6 Box you hold all the colours of the...

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RAL PLASTIC - color plates...

The color standard for plastic. Made from polypropylene, the...

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The primary standards RAL 840-HR / RAL 841-GL contain all 216...

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