Viewpoint Colour Futures No. 01


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Uusi VIEWPOINT COLOUR FUTURES keskittyy trendien visuaalisiin tulkintoihin muotoilun eri osa-alueille värien kautta. Franklin Till -trenditoimiston ja View Publicationsin yhteisjulkaisu linkittyy vahvasti Viewpoint Design Futures -lehden ajatuksiin ja ne täydentävät toisiaan visuaalisena muotoilun ja värien infopakettina, jossa valotetaan kattavasti myös trendien taustat ja kuluttajakäyttäytymisen muutokset suuntausten taustalla. 


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Pages: 08 – 19 Colour News

Deep reporting into what is going on in the world of colour now/ Topics include: Patricia Urquiola’s portrait of a city; why pink is perfection for RedValentino; colourful conclusions from a decade of experimentation by Hella Jongerius, Gestalten; viewing history through a Kodachrome lens and more.

Pages: 20-23 Design Context: Neo Nature

Humans are masters of adaptation, able to react to changing circumstances and innovate when faced with new challenges. We are witnessing the redefinition of nature and the evolution of a neo-natural world. In response, we are modifying our industries, attitudes and behaviours, and implementing new design methodologies that maximise our relationship with nature.

Pages: 24 – 89 Colour Forecast 2017/18

Four major colour stories: ‘Engineering Nature’ reflecting our inherent connection to the natural world; ‘Alt. Farming’ recognising the inefficiency and wastefulness of current agricultural models; ‘Harvesting Waste’ reflecting how innovative designers are beginning to harvest postproduction and post-life waste streams; and ‘Future Mining’ based on the discovery and exploration of new raw materials that carry the legacy of industries past.

Pages: 90 – 99  Visual Essay: Harvesting By Hand

Since 2012, photographer Hyung S Kim has immersed himself in taking pictures of the haenyeo female divers of Jeju, an island at the southern end of the Korean peninsula. For centuries these women, many now in their seventies and eighties, have dived to catch fish without the aid of breathing equipment. Hyung S Kim’s pictures capture the haenyeo as they emerge from diving, exhausted but exuding strength and power.

Pages: 100 – 109 The Viewpoint Colour Interview: Crafting Colour with Ace & Jig

For Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, colour is inseparable from texture and pattern – which has made Ace & Jig, their textile-based clothing line, an instant classic. And in a sea of minimalist design, Ace & Jig brings a fresh approach to colour, focusing less on chasing trends, and more on relaying a story and a feeling in each garment.

Pages: 110 – 121 Processing Colour

Celebrate the poetry of process. The application of dye and pigment to surface becomes an experimental art. Embracing the uncontrollable, dynamic colour is captured in an imprint. Though the process is repeated, the reaction is unpredictable, so each replicated object is nonetheless unique.

Pages: 121-124 Pantone Colour of the Year

We look at the Pantone® Color of the Year 2017 – PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery and analyse with Leatrice Eiseman, executive director, Pantone Color Institute, the thinking behind the choice and what it means to the market.

Pages: 122 – 128 Colour Influence: Red vs. Blue

When we are exposed to combined colour and light, our physiological state can also be affected. The blue and red spectrums in particular have been shown to affect our physical performance and wellbeing – and can even manipulate our internal body clocks.

Pages: 133 – 139 A Question of Colour

Here we speak with leading artists, designers and manufacturers to discover their favourite colours of the moment and the reason behind their choices. From teal to shades of green, the answers are surprising and informative.

Pages: 140 – 152 Colour Futures: Primary Signals

Here we look at the long term, three-year zeitgeist in colour. In complex times we look to a reassuring, restricted palette. We are enamoured of the uncompromising clarity of primary red, yellow, blue and secondary green. When lines are being drawn and issues of nationality take centre stage around the world, we reimagine identities at a local and global level.